Raton Public Service

SFirst VacuSeal V2T System in the State of New Mexico.

  • Date: 12 April 2018
  • Client: Raton Public Service
    Project Type: Roof Renovation

About the Project

This is the first VacuSeal V2T system in the state of New Mexico. The project consisted of a section of existing EPDM over concrete and wood decking. Over the existing EPDM Single-Ply system, we had a 1/2″ Dens Deck coverboard loose laid, then we installed the Carlisle V2T Vacuseal vents and air channels over the Dens Deck coverboard. Once these air channels and vents were installed the Carlisle Sure Weld 80 mil TPO was installed. This type of roof system uses the wind combined with the vents to hold the roof in place. No adhesives or fasteners are used to secure the roof system in place.

Materials Used: 

  • VacuSeal V2T System
  • Existing EPDM over concrete and wood decking
  • Dens Deck Coverboard
  • Carlisle Sure Weld 80 mil TPO